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Support for Hair ID

For technical support and any enquiries regarding the operation of Hair ID, please contact Ecobyte Pty Ltd.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will be maintaned for answering common questions.

Hair ID software

The Hair ID software is available on CDROM.  It runs on all versions of MIcrosoft Windows.  However, in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later versions the display of the integrated help will require a downlaod of additional software.

This can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft website.  A link to the download will be shown when the help is activated from within Hair ID.

Slides and yarn

Hair analysis can be performed with simple laboratory equipment. The only specialised equipment required are the thin metal slides and rayon yarn for making cross-sections.

Cross-section slides

The cross-section slide is a stainless steel microscope slide of approximate dimensions 76 x 25 x 0.5 mm.
It has six holes, each of 0.8 mm diameter, drilled at equal intervals along the centre. These holes are carefully contoured on the top and bottom, to eliminate rough edges. The finished plate must be kept highly polished and perfectly flat. 

We can supply the slides singly or in bulk lots.

Rayon yarn

The yarn is required to help pack and hold the hairs in the metal slides. The best yarn for this purpose is dull rayon yarn (330 dernier).

We provide the yarn wound onto spools that hold sufficient for up to 500 identifications.


The Hair ID software on CDROM, slides and yarn can be purchased directly from this web site here

Ecobyte Pty Ltd.  support@ecobyte.com.au