Step 4. Matching the Cross Section
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With the Cross Section tab selected the possible values for the cross section field of the search key are illustrated in the search key view.  The default  value of "Unknown" will be shown with a thin dotted line as a border. To select another value, click with the mouse on the drawing or photograph for that value.

For this tutorial assume that the observed hair has an eye shaped cross section. In the  drawing below this value has been selected by clicking on the drawing labelled "Eye Shaped". Notice that :
1.The search summary has updated to show Eye Shaped as the value for the cross section field.  
2.The number of species matching in the search summary has changed to show only those species that have a narrow medulla lattice and a regular wave scale pattern and an eye shaped cross section.  
3.The number of sub classes showing in the species Explorer has updated to only those that contain species that match the new search key values.  

As is shown in the diagram below there are now only two species that match the current value of the search key.  With such a small number of possibilities it is now possible to switch to Look Mode to examine in detail the information on the hair structure of the two matching species to make a final identification choice

To switch to Look Mode click on the Look Mode Button to move to Step 5 of the tutorial.