Step 1. Select Search Mode
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To prepare Hair ID for a search

1.Switch Hair ID into search mode by clicking on the 'Search' button.  
2.Reset the search criteria to defaults by clicking on the 'Reset' button.    
3.To check that search defaults have been set look at the Search Summary at the bottom of the screen.  All search key values should be listed as 'Unknown', and the number of species matching the current search criteria should be all the species in the database.  
4.Unselect the 'Exact' button to make sure that the search will be conducted using Fuzzy Matching  
The parts of Hair ID
To learn the names of the various parts of the Search Mode, move the mouse over the image below.  If the cursor changes to a "hand" then click for more information on the feature under the cursor.

Note that the various components of all Hair ID Modes can be re sized by clicking and dragging with the mouse on the Splitter Bars that lie between them.  The mouse pointer will change to a splitter cursor (<-||->) when over a splitter bar.

To start the identification process
In this tutorial we will first match the hair medulla.  Click on the Medulla tab in the image below to show the Medulla page and move to Step 2 of the tutorial.