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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Hair ID to identify a sample of hair.  It's purpose is to illustrate the use of the Hair ID software.  It does not describe the techniques for performing analysis of hair samples.  For information on these aspects please refer to the Learn Mode within Hair ID.

The tutorial starts with the assumption that an unknown hair sample is in the process of analysis.  It goes step by step through the task of matching the observed data against the Hair ID database to identify the species from which the sample was taken.

How to use this tutorial
This tutorial simulates the operation of Hair ID.  Each page in the tutorial has an image of Hair ID that corresponds to the actual operation of the program.  
Use the mouse to click on the images for descriptions of the various parts of the program, and to follow the tutorial process.

To start the tutorial follow the link at Step 1 below.

The identification process
·Step 1. Select Search Mode  
·Step 2. Match the Medulla  
·Step 3. Match the Scale Pattern  
·Step 4. Match the Cross Section  
·Step 5. Look at the matching species  
·Step 6. Identify the hair sample  

Learning more
To learn more about Hair ID read the help files from within the Hair ID program. Help can be accessed through the Help Menu, or by pressing the F1 key anywhere in the program.