Hair ID




Methods of studying hairs

The analysis of hair is a process of examining an unknown hair to determine its diagnostic characteristics. These are compared against the diagnostic chagacteristics of previously identified samples.

The major limitation in this process is the need to have on hand identified hair samples in order to make comparison possible. The Hair ID software helps overcome this limitation by providing a comprehensive database of photographs and descriptive text that describes the hair for all the included species.

The analysis of hair is best undertaken is steps. Each step examines one of the four diagnostic characteristics of hair. The steps are:

  • Examination of the hair profile
  • Examination of medulla (whole mount)
  • Examination of cross-section
  • Examination of cuticle scales

The Hair ID software contains detailed instruction on how to perform each step of the hair analysis, illustrated with numerous photographs.

Equipment required

The equipment required to undertake hair analysis is relatively simple and easily obtainable as is shown in Figure 1 below. This is one of the major strengths of hair analysis as an identification technique - it is quick, accurate and inexpensive to perform.

The only specialised equipment that is not readily available are the thin metal slides and the dull rayon yarn required to make the cross sections. The slides and associated equipment can be obtained by contacting Ecobyte Pty Ltd at support@ecobyte.com.au.



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